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What is a Keyless Coupling & How is it different from a keyed coupling?

Before we talk about keyless coupling, let us understand - what is a Coupling?

A coupling is a mechanical power transmission component used in the mechanical Industry to transmit power. Traditionally, the shaft ends are connected with the help of the bore and the keyway job, which is done on the coupling.

(A key-way is a groove or slot cut in a shaft, hub, etc. to hold the key which is machined on the shaft.)

What is a keyless coupling? How is it different from a keyed Couplings?

A Keyless coupling is also known as a Locking Assembly, a keyless bushing, and a keyless locking device. The coupling is called keyless because it transmits power without the use of the key and the keyways.

The keyed couplings are used to connect the 2 shafts; while, the keyless couplings connect the shaft and the hub in the most secured manner, eliminating the drawbacks associated with the backlash and other issues like fretting and corrosion.

The Locking Assembly is assembled in the hub, which is then mounted on the shaft; it covers the entire circumference of the shaft and performs effectively.

The technique of assembling & disassembling of the keyless Couplings is very clever. Perhaps, it is one of the major reasons the manufacturer and the end-user prefers the use of the Keyless mechanism over the keyed mechanism.

The purpose of this clever technique is to eliminate the cumbersome process of assembling and disassembling the keyed couplings, which otherwise resulted in the damage of the shaft and the coupling.

How will a Keyless Coupling be coupled onto the shaft without the use of the keyways?

Now, let us understand how without the keyway a keyless coupling is coupled onto the shaft. The Keyless Locking Assembly comprises of rings, bush and Allen bolts or Hex bolts. The rings and the bush are assembled with the help of bolts. The bolts are tightened with the tightening torque until it reaches the desired transmittable torque of the application. As the bolts are tightened, the locking assembly forms the conical grip onto the shaft, securing it in the most prominent way. Isn’t the use of keyless AutoLock Locking Assembly quite simple, rapid, and efficient!!


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