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AutoLock Locking Assemblies Flyer

AutoLock is an Indian brand of keyless Locking Assemblies. The concept of keyless

couplings is to get rid of the traditional method of the feather key-ways that is used to connect the two shafts. The Keyless couplings help to transmit the power by connecting the shaft and the hub with the help of rings and bolts. The engineering of locking assemblies simplifies the process of assembling and disassembling of the couplings like sprockets, timing pulleys, gears etc. AutoLock is a cost-effective technology. We highly recommend the manufacturers and the design engineers to switch to the keyless engineering for short term as well as long term benefits. The Keyless AutoLock Locking Assemblies are made with premium quality, high in durability and cost friendly. The Flyer attachment contains: 1) The Industries and the applications of where the Keyless AutoLock Locking Assemblies can be used. 2) A brief introduction of the 13 types of AutoLock Locking Assemblies in a gist. 3) Each type pf AutoLock Locking Assembly has a hyperlink of the detailed catalog attached to it.

AutoLock Locking Assemblies Flyer
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