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Embark on a Keyless AutoLock Locking Assemblies Journey

Why should you opt for a Keyless AutoLock Locking Assembly technology over the traditional method of using the Key-ways?

Every manufacturing industry wants its end product to function in the most precise and efficient manner. Engineering Design, automation, and technology play a vital role in the advancement of the end product.

It is relevant and necessary for manufacturers and design engineers to advance and upgrade their designs with technology. This can be done by adopting new technology that optimizes the end product. Hence, we highly recommend the manufacturers or say the OEMs to switch to keyless technology.

The biggest drawback of keyways i.e the backlash factor is eliminated, by going keyless. AutoLock locking assemblies indeed maximize precision and efficiency in performance.

We commend - AutoLock Locking Assemblies, the proud #makeinindia product as an upgradation factor at your works or say new projects. #Gokeyless - Opting for a Keyless AutoLock Locking Assembly over the keyed couplings has a list of benefits; the keyless factor adds effectiveness and efficiency to the end product.

We insist our manufacturers, 'Embark on a Keyless AutoLock Locking Assembly Journey', because of the benefits listed below: 1) The Keyless Couplings have zero backlash - it gets rid of the problems associated with backlash, which is otherwise regularly experienced in the keyed couplings.

2) AutoLock Locking Assemblies can perform under all ranges of torque loads - low, medium, and heavy. There are about 13 types of keyless AutoLock Locking Assemblies, and they are designed differently and made to serve different purposes.

3) The design of the keyless bushing intends to protect the shaft and the hub. The keyless connection allows slippage between the two mating parts, this happens when the coupling is either not properly assembled or when the torque exceeds the required.

4) The keyless factor in the Locking Assembly reduces the stress on the shafts having keys. Also, smaller diameter shafts can be used for keyless coupling than the shaft with a keyway.

5) AutoLock Couplings improve corrosion and fret resistance. This is one of the reasons; the AutoLock Locking assemblies can be reused, once removed from the hub for the servicing purposes of the machine.

6) Keyless bushing eliminates the cumbersome process of assembling and disassembling of the keyed couplings.

7) High in durability- AutoLock Locking Assemblies are highly durable and can be used for the long term.

8) Cost-Effective – Since the Keyless couplings require no key, it saves the machining cost. Also, they can be used for the long term and can be reused.

9) More Torque can be transmitted in keyless AutoLock locking assemblies.

Embark on a Keyless Journey - Expand your world with Keyless 'AutoLock Locking Assemblies'


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